Furnace Services

Furnace Services

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A Furnace is a heating appliance that uses forced warm air to heat your home or building. The warm air is distributed to vent registers in each room to heat the structure evenly.
When maintained properly, furnaces can last up to and beyond 20 years.

When not maintained properly, and/or installed improperly, furnaces can have a very short lifespan.

Proper maintenance is vital to getting a long life out of your furnace, as well as the highest level of efficiency possible. A furnace that has not been serviced in years will cost MUCH more to operate.

We recommend changing your furnace's air filter every 1 to 3 months.

We service all brands of furnaces and offer regular tune ups to ensure your system lasts for years.

Please call us immediately for your furnace tune up if you notice any of the following:


  • Smell gas or see fuel leaks
  • Carbon monoxide detector alarm
  • Lack of heat or cold spots in the home
  • Thermostat problems
  • Loud noises or banging
  • Furnace cycling on and off frequently
  • Any change in normal operating patterns