We offer a wide range of weatherization services. Having efficient and correctly installed HVAC systems is only half the battle to decreasing utility costs. The “envelope “ is the other part that plays a major role in your home. Which includes all of your exterior walls, floors, and ceilings. Everything that keeps the outside elements outside! Your HVAC system will run less often if your home’s “envelope” is properly sealed and highly insulated, saving on utility bills. Just spending a few thousand dollars can pay for itself in first few years, a save you big bucks over the lifetime of your home. Think of it this way, leaving the refrigerator door open let’s all the cool air out! And makes the fridge run all day long without reaching temperature. Let Whiting Services shut the door on your home’s air leakage.

  • Our trained technicians can conduct a blower door test in your home to determine how “loose” your home is. Which is the rate of air infiltration to your home. We can then conduct a search of the conditioned space to determine where outside air is infiltrating the home and making your HVAC equipment work harder. Which increases your utility bills.
  • Once we have identified target areas, we can assemble a comprehensive weatherization plan for your home. Typical tactics may include things like installing blown insulation, batt insulation, sealing perimeter leaks, window and door replacement
  • After we have made weatherization improvements to your home, we can perform another blower door test to determine how well the measures worked to decrease air infiltration.
  • Call us today for information on ways to decrease your utility bills with home weatherization.

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