Furnace Specialists in Philadelphia, PA

Experiencing issues with your furnace is inevitable. It’s not about if — it’s about when. So when furnace issues eventually do happen, you want to be sure that you’re getting an experienced furnace specialist to address your problems and restore comfort and warmth to your home.

Regardless of who originally installed your furnace or who the manufacturer is, our professional furnace repair service’s contractors are experts at servicing just about every single make and model available. As trained technicians, we understand that your furnace is a complex unit that consists of many moving parts and their critical components. If it’s not regularly serviced, then it can function inefficiently and even break down prematurely. With professional furnace repair services from Whiting Services LLC, you can ensure that your residence is cozy throughout the cold season.


Residential Furnace Repairs & Heating Maintenance

Without maintaining your furnace, you could actually be contributing to unnecessary wear and tear to the unit and causing it to run inefficiently. In fact, regular furnace maintenance is crucial to maintaining the lifespan of your unit, as well as making certain that your entire heating system is operating as efficiently as possible. Not only that, but a properly maintained furnace can even save you money on lowered utility bills.

There are a few common signs that your furnace is in need of maintenance or repair, including:

  • A furnace that won’t turn on or stay on
  • A burner flame that flickers or is yellow could be a sign that carbon monoxide is entering your home
  • Strange smells or odors, like burning or smoking
  • Weird sounds like rattling, banging, or odd humming noises
  • Insufficient heat entering the home


Our furnace contractors have plenty of experience with all these types of issues and more, and can thoroughly inspect your unit and repair the faulty component or issue. Some of the most common furnace repairs we perform are:

  • Repairing the burner
  • Replacing the blower motor
  • Repairing fan blades
  • Electrical repair
  • Recalibrating the thermostat
  • Repairing the burner
  • Replacing the fan belt
  • And many more


Emergency Furnace Repairs for Greater Philadelphia

There’s no reason to wait around for days for your broken down furnace to get fixed, and that’s precisely why we offer emergency furnace repairs in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions. Our specialists are standing by, ready to inspect your unit and offer solutions that get your furnace back up and running quickly and affordably. Here in the Blue Bell, PA, region, winters can be frigid and tough on not only your furnace, but your entire heating system as well. By offering emergency assistance, our furnace contractors don’t just provide you with expert furnace repair services, but also the peace of mind that you won’t get caught in the cold due to a furnace emergency.

Other Heating Services

In addition to our residential and commercial furnace repair services, we offer a range of professional heating services, including:


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