Honeywell T6 Pro Lyric Wi-Fi Smart Home Thermostat


Honeywell’s lyric T6 Pro thermostat is a state of the art Wi-Fi capable thermostat that can be operated and programmed anywhere in the world through your smartphone or tablet. It’s Geofencing technology allows it to turn back your HVAC system when the home is empty, and turn the system back up to normal when you are on your way home using your phone’s Geo Location. That allows your home to be comfortable by the time you get home. This feature reduces energy costs by consuming less energy when no one is home as well as being Eco-Friendly! The Lyric is also compatible with almost every home automation system on the market.

Our Opinion:
We have found this thermostat to be more reliable, better functionality, and has better customer phone support than competing brands like Nest.

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