How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Summer

using a device to check an HVAc system

How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Summer

Summer is right around the corner. That means days at the pools, fireworks shows, and of course, air conditioners working overtime. Here are some affordable AC repair steps every homeowner should take in late spring to ensure their home air conditioning systems are in good working order in time for the heat:

Clean or Replace Your Filters 

Having a fresh set of filters in time for your unit’s busiest time of year can go a long way toward promoting the air quality in your home. Usually, the replaceable filter can be found in the air-handler cabinet (often on or very near the air-inlet side). Filters should be changed about twice a year, or when they begin to become clogged with dust. Late spring, just before their periods of most substantial use, is an ideal time for homeowners to do this. Changing your filters now can help you avoid having dust circulated into your home all summer. 

Clean Your Condenser Coils  

Your air conditioner’s condenser unit is the large metal box with the fan in it that can be found outside your home. Over a long year of use, the condenser will collect dirt, leaves, and other debris and will need to be cleaned to make sure your unit can run properly. Once the condenser is cleared of all debris, use a vacuum and rag to clean the blower fan’s blades. Then, tighten any loose mounting bolts and lubricate the fan with some WD-40.

Inspect Your Coolant Lines 

Your air conditioner’s coolant lines carry refrigerant from the air handler to the condenser outside. Typically, these lines are covered with special foam insulation to prevent energy loss. An important part or pre-summer maintenance is to check if the insulation is frayed or missing in any places and to replace it where it is. There are special insulation sleeves or tape you can use, and making sure your lines are insulated can help your air conditioner run more effectively and efficiently.  

Making sure your central air conditioner is in tip-top shape for summer may seem daunting, but can be made easy with the right professional help. If you require some AC repair services for this summer, contact the experts at Whiting Services!