What Can Air Balancing Do for You This Summer?

A home HVAC unit about to be air balanced

What Can Air Balancing Do for You This Summer?

Summer 2020 is already looking like a hot one, with temperatures already exceeding ninety degrees in the first week of June. With many Philadelphia-area homeowners continuing to stay inside in accordance with quarantine protocols, air conditioning is more important now more than ever before. At a time like this, a broken or faulty air conditioner can be especially devastating.  

If you’re at home trying to cool down but you keep noticing problems with your air conditioner, such as inconsistent air temperatures or obstructed flow, it could be due to one of many air conditioner ailments. Knowing exactly where your air conditioner’s problem area is will help you decide how to fix, but it can be difficult sometimes for even the most seasoned HVAC professionals to identify poor performance and know what’s causing it. 

If you have undiagnosed issues with your air conditioner and want them fixed in time for the peak of summer heat, enlisting the help of professional air balancing services can expose faults and help get your home back to optimal coolness. Before deciding on air balancing, it’s important to know exactly what its benefits are and what it can do for you:  

An infographic explaining the benefits of air balancing

Improved Cooling 

If you decide to have professional air balancing services done in your home, the first benefit that you’ll notice is the increase in comfort level. Unbalanced airflow can result in some rooms in your house being less cool than others, which can be extremely difficult to endure if it’s a hot July night and your bedroom isn’t getting enough cold air. Air balancing will make sure that the cold air produced by your air conditioner is evenly distributed amongst all the rooms in your home. In this way, air balancing can help keep you and your family comfortable. 

More Efficient Air Conditioning 

The airflow of an HVAC system has a major impact on its efficiency and overall performance. If the flow of your air conditioner is uneven or obstructed, the system itself ends up working harder the entire time it’s in use. While this is happening, your air conditioner is effectively wasting energy by using more and not keeping you as cool. Assessing and stabilizing your system’s flow with professional air balancing will ensure that it keeps flowing optimally and distributing cold air evenly, which can lead to a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills for you and your family.  

A System That Lasts Longer 

Any air conditioning system is vulnerable to dust, mold, and other forms of buildup collecting in its ducts and vents. The end result of this is that the system requires maintenance and can eventually break down. If the airflow through your system is uneven, it creates a far more suitable environment for the buildup of harmful substances like mold. Airflow optimization via air balancing can help significantly reduce buildup and allow your system to operate efficiently for far longer without needing to be cleaned.  

If you’re interested in learning more about air conditioning repair or air balancing in the Philadelphia area, contact Whiting Services today to find out how to get started.